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meet the artist

hi, I'm Sabrina,(she/her) and I just wanted to say first, that I think it's super fuckin' cute that you came here to find out who your future BFF & third wheel is.


born in 1997, I'm a whole ass hybrid of millennial & gen-z. 

lgbtqia+ friendly (queer here)

livin' life to the absolute wildest in the panhandle of Florida with my sweet lil fam (my wild, and incredibly empathetic nature lovin' daughter. 

My supportive, silly, and cute ass husband, & our 3 fluff ball Aussies who love swimming and playing ball all day long.)

I spend my days home schooling my daughter Montessori style and within nature, spend my personal free time in the Crossfit gym, meditating, and practicing yoga,  spend my nights editing and perfecting my art until I pass out. 

I am currently manifesting that you choose me to capture the best day of your life, because I'm absolutely obsessed with my job & capturing raw emotion & being a storyteller is the coolest shit EVER. 

10 year old sabrina - can't believe this is her job.

XO, Sabrina Jo

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